about us

Greetings and Welcome!

In this blog you (might) find media content published in the Portuguese-speaking world that may have attracted your attention but you could not read or understand, because of the language divide.

As a criteria (of sorts) we only translate material that has been requested  by friends and acquaintances and/or material that  interested us and we  assumed might interest others.

The reader should bear in mind that our approach to translation is  somewhat literary – which means not  literal. That said, all care is taken to preserve the original  intentions of the authors  and, in the case of TV presentations, of what was said in the first place.

We invariably shy from literal translations because, unless they are short phrases, they do not read well. This is due to local usage, word connotations and other variables. Literal translations  are best left to philologists and legal translators.

Connotations aside, we always try to be loyal to the authors’ intentions; not least because of our acquaintance with the principles of  Semiotics , Transactional and Critical Discourse Analysis .

IMPORTANT: although we might comment, we do not pass judgement on the materials we translate and/or the people in it  and that, is official.

Zizi Duarte & Paula Levy-Smith